Date: 2014-04-21 12:10 am (UTC)
ethnobotany: }{ ethics ({ and drag me head first)
From: [personal profile] ethnobotany
1. Player: Stella

2. Characters:
  • Beverly Crusher | [personal profile] ethnobotany
  • Ashley Magnus | [personal profile] panicswitched
  • Yuna | [personal profile] seahibiscus

  • 3. Absolutely. They're all relatively good people and empathically they are all open books. Yuna is the kind of sickeningly good. Like she's so far on the "good" side that she's been labeled a doormat. Beverly is also very, very far on the good side. Ashley is the morally dubious one. She is generally a good person, but her instinct is to fight, often aiming to seriously injure or even kill if she has to. She is also the literal daughter of her canon's Jack the Ripper and she has his killer instincts. That is the darkness she fights and I am so so so happy to mess around with that at any time. If you'd ever like to do something with that, I am more than willing!

    4. Yes

    5. Ask first, but yes.

    6. Ask first, but yes.

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