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As of April 20, Luke has the Force again. He's no Jedi master, but he can do certain things and I'd love permissions to know what he can do with your muses.

1. Player:

2. Characters:

3. Luke is empathic. He can sense strong emotions (especially Dark ones), how healthy someone is (sort of, more like healthy, sick, pain, dying) and, not to put too fine a point on it, how evil someone is. May he do these things to your character? tl;dr Emotions, health, evil radar.

4. With close proximity or emotional closeness, Luke can project his thoughts to people. Is that okay is relevant?

5. He is telekinetic. I don't see him trying to move people without asking but I guess it might happen?

6. Jedi Mind Trick: Trope namer. He can suggest things, assuming your character is not opposed to or endangered by the suggestion. Is that okay?

7. ANIMALS/PETS/DROIDS?: Generally, these things like Jedi. Will any relevant, associated creatures be affected by this?

Date: 2014-04-20 09:37 pm (UTC)
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1. Player: Em ([plurk.com profile] cotume27)

2. Characters: Tony Stark, Jack Wilder, Erin Williams

3. Emotions/health/evil radar: Absolutely. Tony might register oddly to him on the health thing, considering he's technically always super close to dying, thanks to the creeping shrapnel in his chest and the reactor. I'm not sure how, but I've had that be a thing in other situations.

Jack is good, but he's also kind of shady about certain things. Hooray being a thief/hustler on top of his slightly more legitimate stuff.

Otherwise, I'll try to give you stuff in prose/brackets, or I'm always available on Plurk.

4. Thought projection Yep. Erin is telepathic, so she's likely to maybe get super-excited about someone else being telepathic, fair warning. :p

5. Mind bullets Telekinesis. Go for it.

6. Jedi Mind Trick Yep.

7. ANIMALS/PETS/DROIDS?: He can come poke at Dum-E and U. They're definitely droids and might as well be pets. (Given, they also like everyone, but....)


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