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Anon is on.
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Player Info
Name: Jemi
Age: 31
Contact: AIM - jemisard
Characters Already in Teleios: Scott Summers
Reserve: Here

Character Basics:
Character Name: Luke Skywalker
Journal: [personal profile] hisfathersimage
Age: 24
Fandom: Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
Canon Point: Immediately post Return of the Jedi
Class A: 2,000,025 years
Class B: 2,950
Class C: 607 years, 2 months
  • Incest

  • GRAND TOTAL: 2,003,582 years, 2 months

    Canon Character Section:
    History: Luke Skywalker: Original Trilogy biography

    Luke is, at heart, a farm boy. But now he's a farm boy who helped save the galaxy, redeemed his father and has superpowers. Superpowers! How awesome is that?!

    Jedi are quiet, restrained and calm. And Luke strives hard to meet this ideal that he saw in Master Kenobi and Master Yoda before their deaths. He has a quiet fear of turning into his father and becoming a monster that no one can stop, which makes him work harder at being calm and acting with grace, dignity and humility.

    The problem is, Luke's still incredibly excited about being a Jedi. He was an emotional and exuberant child, and teenager, and young man. Being thrust into the limelight of the rebellion as their Jedi Hero didn't really help him calm down at all, so it's been a bit of a hard turn around to let himself sit back and think before he acts and not let himself act on his emotions.

    Luke wants to be liked, wants to be helpful and always tries to do the right thing, even if he can be a bit hamfisted about it. He's grown from the teenager who was given a lightsaber and promptly pointed it at his face to look into it, but he's still a bit too enthusiastic to come across as suave or collected and instead hits a note closer to endearing puppy with too big feet. Jedi training and the shock loss of his hand and innocent dreams at Bespin City to Vader has quelled some of that energy, but it comes out again when he's relaxed and comfortable with the people he's with.

    However, this is Luke in his personal life. In his public life, Luke has been a soldier in a civil war for the last four years. He killed over a million people in the single strike that took out the Death Star and has killed a variety of living beings since, in the name of freedom, for his own life, for the lives of others. His family were murdered for having bought droids, he watched his mentor struck down in front of him, and most recently dragged his father's body for cremation after he died protecting Luke.

    To this end, there is basically nothing Luke won't do for someone he loves. Walk in certain death? Done. Fight an army? Sure. Face the Lord of Evil to save your friends? Already done. Over the last few years, he's come to learn to trust slower, that the Force doesn't always guide him to trust the right people, but overall, he's generally a friendly person. Without the Force, he'll be slower to trust and open up, unable to get that innate read off people that he's had his entire life.

    Despite growing up poor, in a backwater town and being immersed into war through grief, shock and loss, Luke is surprisingly positive. He believes good will win out, people basically want to do the right thing and that things will turn out okay in the end. He knows that isn't true. He's experienced the fact it isn't true. But he still believes it, because he's just that sort of person.

    Be friendly, have conviction in what you do, trust in the Force and keep your lightsaber on hand.

    For the first bit of Teleios, Luke may be acting a bit differently from this. He's still recovering from the shock of losing his hand and discovering Vader's his father, coupled with the new shock that Leia is his sister, grief at Yoda's death, having saved and lost his father in one fell swoop and being electrocuted to near death by pure evil energy about three hours ago. On top of that, his artificial hand has taken superficial damage across the back, revealing the inner mechanism and leaving it vulnerable to getting things stuck in it until he can get it covered again. Suddenly cut off from the Force for the first time in his life, Luke will be deeply in shock from it all. He'll be more subdued than usual until he recovers.

    Powers/Abilities: Luke is a Jedi Knight (it's official, Master Yoda said so). His connection to the Force gives him an array of abilities, some of which he has been using all his life.
    • ESP: A basic awareness of the Force allows a Jedi to feel the world and those around them. It's hard to sneak up on them and they're great at finding lost things in the area.
    • Telekinesis: While size matters not, Luke isn't a Jedi Master. He can lift his own body weight with concentration, or several smaller objects easily.
    • Telepathy: Luke is not good at telepathy, but he can project his thoughts to those he's close to. Leia is easiest for him, but he can manage other people with some time and patience.
    • Jedi Mind Trick: we all know this one. The weak willed can be convinced to do things which they are not morally opposed to, and which will not threaten their safety.
    • Empathy: Being able to feel how others feel and if they're unwell. Works best on people he's close to anyway.
    • Healing: Luke isn't great at this. he heals faster than a normal person from bruises and scrapes, but serious injuries he's not mastered. He can't heal something in an unnatural way. Hence, a chopped off hand remains chopped off to every Jedi. But that black eye will heal up in a day!
    • Precognition: Luke has the potential for this, but so far hasn't shown any actual skill at it. (This is basically a plot hook power.)
    • Nature's friend: Animals tend to like Jedi, if not immediately, with a bit of coaxing.
    • Force enhancement: Jedi use the Force to allow themselves to perform greater physical feats. Climbing, jumping, carrying things, going without rest or food.
    • Danger sense: Jedi are known for parrying shots, leaping clear just before the rubble falls and the like.

    Natural abilities
    • Linguist: Randomly, Luke speaks/understands several languages which are completely useless here.
    • Athletic: He worked on a farm, joined an active military rebellion and then went into intensive Jedi training. Even without the Force, Luke is a very fit guy.
    • Mechanic/Engineer: Luke is a prodigy with machinery and will probably be great friends with Tony Stark once they find things to play with.
    • Will drive anything: If it has an engine, Luke is probably a fairly good driver/pilot in it with a bit of practice.
    • Lightsaber combat: Technically it might be a Force skill, but Luke's a competant swordsman. Not that he has his lightsaber in Teleios.
    • Gunslinger: Growing up in the wastelands, Luke's a fair shot with a blastrifle or blaster. It might take some work to translate this to using solid slug weapons, but he has the skill already. He is not as good a shot as his sister.


    Notably, Luke has a damaged right hand. The artificial skin on his mechanical hand has been blasted off across the back and the mechanism is exposed. He's wearing a glove to keep it clean.

    CR AU
    Game You’re Transferring CR from: n/a

    How has your character changed from their canon self? n/a

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them? n/a

    Actionspam Sample:

    I know you're not there. Well… I don't think you're there, Ben. Maybe you are, and I just can't see you because of all of this. [Luke folds his hands in his lap, staring out the window and over the snow.] I'm going to talk to you anyway. I don't know who else could have answers, so even if you can't hear me, maybe this will help me sort myself out.

    [He gives a small sigh and looks at his hands, flexing his right fingers.] I was always aware of it. The hand. I'm not now. It's not this vague buzz in my awareness. I don't have an awareness. I never realised how encompassing the Force was until it was suddenly cut off from me. How not alone I was until suddenly…

    I am alone. I miss Leia. I miss Han and Chewie and Wedge and Threepio and Artoo and…

    I really miss Leia.

    [He gives a slight smile despite that.] Yeah, I know. I'm being maudlin. I'm alive. I have somewhere to stay. I think maybe the Jedi Temple was a bit like this. Except maybe with more room privacy. But I like living like this. It reminds me of the pilot barracks. And every end is just a new beginning, right, Ben? Yeah. You know, talking to you really helps.

    Even if you're not there.

    Prose Sample:
    The only thing that Luke knows is the total sensory deprivation.

    Somewhere, someone is speaking, but the words are just a hollow noise that stimulates nerves to tell him it exists. There is light, but it's both too dim to see and too bright to look at. There are people, but he only knows they are there because they make noise, press against him, they're physically there but everything is empty.

    Luke has never been so empty and frightened in his life.


    He doesn't know if he actually says it, or if he's just screaming it inside of him. All the pain and shock is rushing over him like a tsunami and he feels like he did when he lost his hand, like his body is there but he just can't feel it, can't move it, but it must still be there.

    "Please. Help me."

    He feels himself hit the ground, his robes and cloak splaying around him. Only his right hand does what he wants, stretching out and trying to clench on something, someone for help. Only the bit of him that isn't him can do anything, because he isn't him.

    He can't be him. There's no Force.


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