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As of April 20, Luke has the Force again. He's no Jedi master, but he can do certain things and I'd love permissions to know what he can do with your muses.

1. Player:

2. Characters:

3. Luke is empathic. He can sense strong emotions (especially Dark ones), how healthy someone is (sort of, more like healthy, sick, pain, dying) and, not to put too fine a point on it, how evil someone is. May he do these things to your character? tl;dr Emotions, health, evil radar.

4. With close proximity or emotional closeness, Luke can project his thoughts to people. Is that okay is relevant?

5. He is telekinetic. I don't see him trying to move people without asking but I guess it might happen?

6. Jedi Mind Trick: Trope namer. He can suggest things, assuming your character is not opposed to or endangered by the suggestion. Is that okay?

7. ANIMALS/PETS/DROIDS?: Generally, these things like Jedi. Will any relevant, associated creatures be affected by this?

Date: 2014-04-20 11:52 am (UTC)
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1. Lel

2. Will Stanton and Conan Edogawa

3. This is fine with me. As for good evil sensing, Will is technically a piece of the Light force of his universe that was born as a human. Its implied a few times that hes not actually capable of being corrupted by darkness, because of the nature of what he is. Its also implied that his true form is a pillar of light. A character with seer abilities saw him as this once.

Conan, on the other hand, is just human. He's very dedicated to ideals of justice and preserving life, but not above doing technically illegal things in pursuit of those goals.

4. Perfectly alright. Will will think its interesting. Conan is a skeptic who finds the idea of esp like abilities personally offensive, but I'm all for making him deal with it.

5. Sure.

6. Not sure how something like that would work on Will, but willing to plot.

7. No pets.

Any typos on this are the result of typing on my phone.


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